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We had the first Tosa Inu in  2000. The  second was  in 2001 and after that we were convinced: Tosa Inu is the breed  that was to remain in our souls. We currently have two dogs (friends) from well-known lines in Europe. Others will follow from exceptional  lines of  Japan and America .

We are young, unexperienced as some would say, but full of enthusiasm. We love the breed and we will do our best to keep dogs as their followers as. We will try, but we cannot promise, to bring contributions to the development and international recognition of the breed. The rest are just words. We must show that the Tosa Inu breed is not aggressive towards humans and their limitation in some countries is just  wrong. Like humans, Tosa Inu are very fond of children and their owners (as a child knows they are his parents, as well as  Tosa-owners are not  their owners, are actually their parents).

We hope to come to the aid of well known breeders and those who wish Tosa Inu dogs in line with good and substantial contributions to our breed.

Pictures with us? I don’t think anyone is  interested to see how we look. This site is dedicated to Tosa Inu lovers, in particular and less of other persons.

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